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Little things to sort out/seeking input


So, even though I lived in Germany for a semester during college, I can’t seem to remember how electrical outlets work in Europe! Can anyone please inform me of what I might need to purchase in order to plug in a computer, cell phone, or other electronic device? I probably should be ordering one, or several of those, ASAP!

I also wonder if anyone out there has rented a car in Scandinavia or Germany, and whether you need a special driving permit of some sort. Greg and I are both insured and licensed, but maybe you need something special?

These are the sorts of things Google is great for solving, but I figured I’d ask the great people of the blogosphere first rather than weed through a bunch of search results. 🙂

17 days and counting….

Author: henrykat

I am a middle school special education teacher in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to receive a Fund for Teachers grant that allows me to spend a month in Denmark, considered to be the happiest place on earth. I hope to use my experience to inspire my students to make choices that will increase their personal sense of well being.

2 thoughts on “Little things to sort out/seeking input

  1. Kat,

    Denmark uses 230 voltage, so you will need a converter (you may already have one or can find one to borrow). I believe it’s the same all over Europe.

    You won’t need anything special to rent a car – just a license and insurance (you might want to check with your carrier to make sure you have coverage for a rental car in another country).

    I believe you can adjust your iPhone for wireless only by turning cellular data and roaming off (it’s outrageously expensive to use it for calls); this would allow you to browse the net without charges as long as you can access free wifi elsewhere. If you plan to use your phone – or a laptop – a lot – you may want to consider purchasing a SIM card over there to use in your phone. If you have a USB wireless adapter, you would be able to access the Internet with a computer any place free wifi is available (tourist centers are a good bet). I recommend checking with the person you arranged the apartment with; perhaps they have something available or can make a recommendation. iPhones include iMessage, which allows unlimited texting (including photos) between iPhones worldwide. The best idea is to call Verizon and follow their recommendations for adjusting your settings. Here is more info on iMessage:

    • Thanks for the helpful info! I’ll be careful with those roaming charges for sure! I believe we have wifi in our apartment, but I’d like to have internet for my phone when we go on road trips. Might have to go with a SIM card!

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