The Happiness Inquiry

A teacher's quest to cultivate happy habits in her students

1: Fresh Produce


In the interest of cultivating as much happiness as possible, I’m going to take some advice I’ve heard numerous times: practice gratitude. Each post will be dedicated to something I am specifically grateful for, beginning today with fresh produce since we started our first full day in Aarhus with a visit to the local farmers market. 

We also supplemented our local goods with a visit to our grocery store (bottom). Enjoy the funky labels, kids!


Using a lot of what you see above, tonight’s first homemade dinner was pollock (a white fish we picked up at the market) with creamy leeks and dill, and a side of roasted potatoes:

Interviews will start Monday! I’m taking this weekend “off” just to get my bearings. We walked almost 6 miles today, exploring the City Center where our apartment is. I’ve already noticed how friendly and approachable everyone seems to be, so I am feeling a bit more confident about having to approach strangers on the street to ask for their participation in a documentary. 🙂 

Back with more around this time tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Author: henrykat

I am a middle school special education teacher in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to receive a Fund for Teachers grant that allows me to spend a month in Denmark, considered to be the happiest place on earth. I hope to use my experience to inspire my students to make choices that will increase their personal sense of well being.

9 thoughts on “1: Fresh Produce

  1. Everything looks good-especially that Fish Salad….Not!! Feel free to bring back a suitcase of chocolate! Hope you’re rested & having a great day!

    • Haha, I’m sure you’d be disgusted by the amount of seafood we’re going to ingest on this trip! What about salmon, though? Not so bad, is it? That’s next on the docket for Wednesday night dinner (going to pick it up at the farmers market that day). 🙂

  2. That food looks great Kat! This is Isabella and I hope your having a great time there so far!

    • Hey Isabella! So far, so good! We just finished up our second full day and we walked a whole lot–over 9 miles (and over 7 yesterday)! Maybe that explains why I can’t stop eating. 😉 Love you!

  3. Ooh this would definitely make me happy:)

  4. The food looks good. Ms.Henry did you make the food or did someone else?

  5. I made it and enjoyed it with my boyfriend. I am his personal chef. 😉

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