The Happiness Inquiry

A teacher's quest to cultivate happy habits in her students

12: New Orleans


Ok, I know I’m in Denmark right now, and farther than ever from Louisiana, but for the past two nights I’ve had the privilege of enjoying some good old, knee-slapping, toe-tapping, horn-tooting, booty-wiggling, brass-forward New Orleans jazz on the streets of this very Scandinavian town. After finishing a meal of oysters and king crab, Greg and I were lucky enough to saunter down the very street that brought us to this little slice of heaven.

This week is Jazz Fest in Aarhus, and it’s marvelous. Just turn a corner and there’s another venue offering up who knows what sort of it–I’ve seen listings for a solo stand up bass act, trios that rock it Keith Jarret-style, and old timey bluesy with a crooner up in front. I honestly enjoy most any of it, but since it just so happens that after Chicago, New Orleans is my second favorite place in the world, to find a piece of it here is perhaps a little bit for me like being home, just for a few moments.

Tomorrow I’ll post a cute video of an older couple cutting a rug cobblestone path, but for now it’s bedtime since we have a big (and uncharacteristically early) day tomorrow. Wake up and eat something, go pick up the rental car, and then it’s off to Norway! Drive 2 hours, take a ferry for 4, and then another 2 hours and we’re in Oslo. 🙂 More soon and in case I don’t say it enough, thank you thank you thank you for reading, folks!


Author: henrykat

I am a middle school special education teacher in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to receive a Fund for Teachers grant that allows me to spend a month in Denmark, considered to be the happiest place on earth. I hope to use my experience to inspire my students to make choices that will increase their personal sense of well being.

6 thoughts on “12: New Orleans

  1. I’m enjoying your posts so much. Enjoy Norway. Are you going to visit some of Greg’s relatives?

    • Thanks, Sue! We didn’t get any names or contacts- not sure if anyone has any anymore–but we are visiting the childhood home of his great-great-great grandfather. 🙂 Pictures forthcoming!

  2. i felt like being there as i was reading it.

  3. Hope you enjoy Norway! 🙂 Having fun reading your blog. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Andrea! Great to see you on here!

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