The Happiness Inquiry

A teacher's quest to cultivate happy habits in her students


1: Fresh Produce

In the interest of cultivating as much happiness as possible, I’m going to take some advice I’ve heard numerous times: practice gratitude. Each post will be dedicated to something I am specifically grateful for, beginning today with fresh produce since we started our first full day in Aarhus with a visit to the local farmers market. 

We also supplemented our local goods with a visit to our grocery store (bottom). Enjoy the funky labels, kids!


Using a lot of what you see above, tonight’s first homemade dinner was pollock (a white fish we picked up at the market) with creamy leeks and dill, and a side of roasted potatoes:

Interviews will start Monday! I’m taking this weekend “off” just to get my bearings. We walked almost 6 miles today, exploring the City Center where our apartment is. I’ve already noticed how friendly and approachable everyone seems to be, so I am feeling a bit more confident about having to approach strangers on the street to ask for their participation in a documentary. 🙂 

Back with more around this time tomorrow! Thanks for reading!